Best gun safe for the money

Owning a firearm makes it your responsibility to invest in a high security gun safe for it. You can’t let that gun fall into the wrong hands, nor can you let it fall into the hands of someone who isn’t licensed or skilled in using it right. Gun safes keep your firearms safe from burglars and safe from fire and natural disasters. Choose the right gun safe with apt capacity to store your guns.

As you can find gun safes of all shapes and sizes in different budgets, choose the one that meets all your expectations and the one that excels in its quality and safety features. When you choose all this, you would also want the gun safe to not be too expensive. When it comes to gun safes for your pistols or handguns, you would look for something that is compact yet durable and secure. So here are a few gun safes that are great value for money based on average essential features:

  1. Barska Biometric safe:

This safe comes with a biometric locking system as indicated by its name. You could program 30 authorized fingerprints to access the safe. This would be a great option to lock your valuables and your pistol or handgun. It is pretty heavy for its size and thus can’t be easily stolen. There is an option where a timer alarms you in case the safe remains unlocked for more than 5 minutes. The locking mechanism, though noisy, is very reliable and accurate. Thanks to its weight, it is not a portable safe. But the security you get for the amount you spend is a great value for money.


  1. Sentry quick access safe:

This safe comes with a biometric locking mechanism like the Barska safe we earlier discussed. The noise free access to the safe would come in handy in case of dire emergencies. It is compact enough and so you can conveniently store it in your drawers. Single handed use of the safe is very convenient. You can program only one authorized fingerprint to access the safe. If you are looking for a compact safe, convenient to use single handed, giving a noise free opening during an emergency, Sentry biometric quick access safe is the best choice.

The above are the options when it comes to compact handgun or pistol safe. When it comes to rifle safes, the required features would be more. When it comes to rifle safes, here is a good value for money option:

  1. Stack-On FS-14 MG-C:

This safe can conveniently store up to 14 rifles. The combination lock works neatly and accurately. There is a sufficiently bedded base that keeps your rifles scratch-free. The safe is fire resistant for a maximum of 30 minutes for up to 1400°F. The only downside is that this safe is not water resistant.

While choosing a handgun safe, look for one that is convenient to use during an emergency. When it comes to rifle safe, choose one that is highly secure and fire resistant. Choose your requirement wisely for more security at a great price.


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