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We all invest in things; consciously or not when we file down our checking account a little we expect it to work for us somehow. Whether it’s as minor as a new cast iron  skillet that heats more evenly, or as crucial as a house or a vehicle we generally try to get ahead with each dollar we spend. Any given investment doesn’t stop with the initial payout either, a car needs oil changes, a house needs its shutters painted, and that cast iron needs seasoning.

With as much time and money that any worthwhile investment is going to continue to demand, we find it intuitive to protect them. After all, no one wants to be scratching their head while staring as a bit of broken glass where your car used to be, wishing they’d parked a couple blocks away and just walked or maybe payed a parking garage fee. If your car gets stolen, it’s a headache; fiscally, practically, and in all likelihood: Professionally. However, if your firearm is stolen you’re going to be adding heartache to that list. I don’t even need to mention keeping guns away from any junior members of the family in your home.

Unlike a stolen car, a stolen firearms isn’t likely to be fenced off to someone for scrap parts, or a cheap daily driver. Stolen guns unavoidably end up in the hands of people who can’t, or worse, planfully don’t acquire them legally. No one wants to have their nightstand Sig or under-the-mattress Mossberg in an evidence locker. This makes the firearm a bit unique among your investments, in that it’s a bit more of a compound deal beyond maintenance: You need to invest in some practical storage as well.

This is where it can get tricky. Now, most of the time we put our hands on a gun it’s being cleaned, taken out for some practice at the range, or maybe a day in the hunting field. Nonetheless, when we need that tool to act as a weapon, it needs to get into that role as quickly and cleanly as possible. Here is where the Smith&Wesson under the pillow seems more practical, and gun locks are left in the box you brought it home in. Admittedly, it’s hard if not impossible to argue that a loaded firearm feet away from your hands is quicker than one in a box, but I’d like to remind you of the 99.99% (hopefully 100%) of the time that gun is anything but a weapon. Within that window, while you’re away from home, it becomes a passive liability if it isn’t secure. So what are the way to go about eliminating this bit of anxiety?

A safe of course, but that’s about as vague as saying you live on the surface of a planet. There are a LOT of different types of safes with different methods of access and security features that could have you spending anywhere from fifty bucks to a down payment on a new condo. From where the safe is going to go to what goes in it, there is a sea of options out there: Wall safes, floor safes, combination safes, key safes, biometric safes, the list goes on.

The first step in deciding what you’re looking for in a safe is size, that alone is going to narrow your options tremendously. Some of us only have that nightstand pistol to secure, and the best option for that may just be a lightweight biometric safe that can rest in the exact same spot on the nightstand. Others may be looking for a more discreet place to house an heirloom Holland & Holland besides a simple cabinet.

This brings us to our next consideration: What’s the gun for? If it’s self defense, a five thousand lb. combo safe that could make your local banks vault blush is likely not a great option, in contrast very, very few people are going to be reaching for a .500 Nitro Express when they wake up to noises at 2 AM. Cost is another factor as well, but it’s one that needs to be behind the quality of the safe, after all,  it’s a “safe” and it has to fill that role as much as the firearm within needs to be able to function and not just look like it works. In evaluating these factors, it’s key to remember that beyond the necessity of having an exclusive home for your firearm, you’re also securing an investment.

Gun safe sale

Gun safes are essential because it is important to guard all those ammunitions from unauthorized access. To keep your guns safe from falling into the wrong hands, you must invest in the right gun safe. The gun safes would also double up for the purpose of guarding the guns during natural disasters from fire, floods and more.

There are different types of safes for the guns with different types of locking mechanisms, electronic or mechanical as well as combination locks.

Here are few of the top brands of the most secure gun safe manufacturers in the USA:

  1. American Security – AMSEC:

When it comes to best in class security solutions, AMSEC tops the list. They are the world’s leading manufacturer of safes for residential as well as business solutions. They have a wide range of gun safes like the

  • Compact high grade steel handgun safe
  • RF series fire resistant safes
  • The unique BF series high security best in class safes
  • NF series with great value and ample features
  • Economical TF series
  • Under bed defense vaults
  • FV series, vault doors, and the value for money AM series.
  1. Browning:

Browning, the leading American brand in firearms, accessories and more are also best known for their high security gun safes ranging from pistol cases, vault doors, custom gun safes, gun safe accessories and more.

The other leading manufacturers of gun safes worth a mention here are Fort Knox vaults, Heritage safe company, Rhino safes, and Liberty safes.

If you are looking to buy a gun safe, do remember to be clear with your requirement, the features you would want in the gun safe and the purpose you want it for. There are many places where you could find the top brands in gun safes at great prices.


This is one website you must check first to find the right gun safe for you. In you will be able to find a wide range of fire proof, high security gun safes, gun cabinets, hand gun safes and more. You could also pick from their collection of used gun safes in case you are ready to buy a pre-owned gun safe. All the top brands AMSEC, Browning, Fort Knox, Vault Pro, you name them; they have them and that too at great prices. They are known for their timely delivery, great value deals and the responsive customer care team.

  1. Liberty safes:

What better way to shop than to buy directly from the manufacturer?! From the Liberty safes website you could choose from a wide range of high grade gun safes. They provide a great choice in customizing various features right from the color to the locking mechanism. Once you choose the right safe, you would be directed to a list of authorized dealers closest to your location to buy the safe. Labor Day Sale which is currently live can fetch you some great prices for the gun safe of your choice.

  1. Amazon:

From you could grab some good deals on gun safes. They also sell a choice of safe accessories. Check out the Amazon website to choose your gun safe at a good price.

When it comes to buying a gun safe, one search will yield a big list of options from where you could buy. A smart way is to decide on the features, and analyze which brand would suit you best for the chosen features. This would help you decide on the place to buy your gun safe from.

Best gun safe under $1000

While choosing a gun safe, make sure that it exceeds your expectation in terms of the quality and safety features. There are many options to choose from but the one that is best for you would depend entirely on where you would be using it and what amount of security and added features you expect it to have.

A gun safe is always a mandatory investment for any gun-owner. This is to make sure that the gun doesn’t fall in the wrong hands and so that it can be accessed only by the licensed user. So when you look at the below $1000 price segment, you would be able to get a lot of options of gun safes to choose from. Here are few of the top gun safes you could choose from for an overall best rating under the $1000 mark.


  1. Liberty Safe RE24-BKTF Revolution 24 Flex Gun Safe:

The Liberty Revolution range of safes is one of the best choices of gun safes under $1000. Available at great prices from around $700, the RE24-BKTF is known for its value for money features. This comes with dial lock. This gun safe has a 30 minute fire protection of temperatures up to 1200 degrees, thanks to its extra fire-board layer inside. The best thing about Liberty safes is that they come with a lifetime warranty. This model comes in versions with either electronic lock or a dial to open it. If you are skeptical about choosing an electronic lock out of fear that it might go faulty in a fire or a disaster, you could always choose the mechanical dial for your gun safe. And finally talking about the appearance, it is nothing fancy. It comes is a textured black finish. It looks neat with a classic touch. This model has also been known for its residential safe use.


  1. Stack-On FS-24 MG-C:

This great model from Stack-on can store up to 24 guns. It comes with a high security 3 digit combination lock. The high grade steel, behind the lock, which is also drill resistant, adds to the security. This gun safe also comes with fire resistance of up to 1400°F to a maximum of 30 minutes. The model comes with adjustable shelves and can hold guns as tall as 54”. It comes in a green color version with matte finish exterior.


  1. Steelwater 20 Gun:

This model from Steelwater comes with a maximum capacity of 20 guns as the name says. It comes with an impressive fire resistant feature of protection up to 45 minutes at 1550°F. This is the best in class when it comes to security features for residential use. It comes with an electronic lock with 3 to 8 digit reprogrammable code.

When it comes to choosing the right gun safe, getting a generic list of the best gun safes would be a tough choice. The choice would mainly depend on what exactly you want from the safe. The main points to consider while buying are:

  1. The heat resistance- the maximum rated temperature and time
  2. The type of lock- while some would prefer the electronic locking mechanism for ease of use, some would prefer the more complicated yet more reliable conventional mechanical locks.